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Highest Offer Guarantee

Drive your vehicle in for an appraisal. We will give you $1,000 more than any other written dealer offer or you will receive $50 gift card for your time. See disclaimer for details.

*Highest Offer Guarantee Disclaimer: Must be a 2010 or newer, have less than 150,000 miles, have no body damage that requires $1,000 or more to repair; no salvage titles, no lemon-law buy backs, no flood cars, no tow-ins. Bring us your best written offer from another licensed motor vehicle dealer, and we will beat it by $1,000 or give you a $50 gift card.

What Should I Bring to My Appointment for My Car to Be Appraised?

You should bring the following:

  • Your title (if not with a lien holder)
  • Valid registration
  • Valid state-issued photo ID (for all title holders)
  • All keys and remotes (if applicable)
  • Copy of current monthly bill if you have one

Car-Selling FAQs.

Trade-Ins, Selling, and Buying.

Q. If I sell my car to you, do I have to buy one to get the best deal?

A.Nope! While we'll happily accept trade-ins, there is zero obligation to buy a vehicle from Wholesale Auto Group.
Naturally, we hope you consider one of our PRE-OWNED VEHICLES, but if now is not the time, don't sweat it: we'll buy your car regardless.

Q. Can I sell a leased car?

A. You can, depending on whether your leasing company allows it. Please check with your company to verify whether you can sell your vehicle before the lease expires.
If your company allows it, we'll need confirmation of the payoff amount before we can complete the purchase.

Q.I bought a car from Wholesale Auto Group, can I sell it back to you?

A.While we're saddened you've decided to part ways with one of our many fine vehicles, you can absolutely sell your car back to us. Paperwork.

Q. Can I sell you my car without a title?

A. Unfortunately, no. The title must be provided at the time of sale.

Q. OK, so what paperwork do I need to sell my car?

A. The title must be provided at the time of sale.
If a paid-off lien is listed on the title, you must provide the title and the release from the lienholder to complete the sale. (We'll process your lien payoff, if applicable.)

Q. What if I have a lien on my vehicle?

A. No problem. We'll contact the lienholder and get a 10-day payoff. We'll just need the following:

  • The name and phone number during business hours
  • Name(s) on the Account
  • Account holder information-account and social security number

Inspection, Pricing, and Financials.

Q. Who inspects my car, and who determines my deal?

A. Our skilled, professional appraisers will be. They have over 40 years in the new and used car business, so they're well-positioned to help you out.

Q. How is my deal determined?

A. We undertake a thorough inspection of your vehicle so we can offer the best price possible. The detailed inspection is based on set parameters about the desirability and condition of your car, car history, and comparison with market conditions.
After this detailed analysis, you'll receive a written appraisal offer good for 7 days or 500 miles (whichever occurs first). This is not an estimate. It is a guaranteed offer based on our analysis of your car.

Q. What if I have financial issues on my car?

A. For negative equity or other outstanding financing obligations, the amount should be paid with a cashier's check or certified funds.
We can't accept cash, but you can ask about our personal check policy. If you're also buying a car from us, it may be possible to include the amount owed into your Financing options.

Q. What does my appraisal offer include?

A. Any equipment installed on or part of the vehicle, such as stereos, TV/DVD, navigation, seats, etc. is included. Removal of any equipment may void the offer.
Note: if you choose not to accept the offer and return later, the offer amount may change if the vehicle is not in the same condition as it was when the offer was written. This could include damages, reported stolen, undisclosed title or financial issues, etc.
We will inspect and verify the identity of every vehicle purchased. We reference every Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) against stolen vehicle databases, and third-party liens.

Preparing for Your Visit.

Q. What if I lost my remote, or keys?

A. If you're missing the original keys or remote, we may reappraise the vehicle offer, as these items can be expensive to replace.

Q. Who needs to be there for the sale?

A. All titleholders should be present at the time of sale. Tell us if all title holders are not available, or if you are selling the vehicle for a company.
A power of attorney is acceptable in some cases, allowing someone else to sign on behalf of an absent title holder.